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All about the week-long Coconut Festival celebration in Philippines

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The significance of the coconut tree and its intrinsic commercial value made the people of Philippines throw an annual “Coconut Festival” to celebrate the abundance of the coconut tree in Philippines, the most widely grown tree all across the coastal areas of the picturesque and serene Island country in the Western Pacific and in honour of their patron saint, Paul the Hermit.

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The week-long festival is a gala event extravaganza with street concerts, musical performances, street dancing, float parade and nightly programs before the fiesta of the city and Lakan at Mutya Ng San Pablo.

The following are some quick facts about the Coconut Festival of San Pablo city:

  1. It is great fun taking part in this unique event and enjoining the locals in their celebration. If you are touring the island, then you get to explore the seven lakes of San Pablo during the event.
  2. There is a famous biking destination in Laguna Province, considered a Mecca for the local cyclists.
  3. The festival is regarded by the locals as a thanksgiving occasion for the bountifulness in the growing of coconuts, the city’s major crop. It offers several livelihood opportunities to the farmers, agriculturists and locals of San Pablo.
  4. The coconut festival is an award-winning event recognised by the country’s Department of Tourism for the years 2010 – 2013. It was proffered the Pearl Award and as a Hall of Famer during National Convention of the Department of Tourism – Association of Tourism Officers at Legazpi City in Albay.
  5. Tourists take delight in the jazzy float parade and glitzy street dancing contest. Participants ensure they bring home the important awards and accolades each year. These two live shows have attracted several prominent photographers as well.
  6. The event is a shot in the arm for thousands of small and local businesses as the local city government encourages them to set up stalls and sell their wares. If you’re looking to buy San Pablo-made products or taste local food and drinks, all at one place, your search would end here. And there is always something or two, you can take home from the grand fest.

Another must-visit tourist destination in the country after the annual cultural mega fest is Manila, about two hours away from the city of San Pablo. Spending a day or two at the intensely hued and kaleidoscopic Coconut Festival will leave an indelible impression in your memory.