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What are the applications of Coconut Husk in the modern world?

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Coconut husk, also called the container, is nothing but that which is extracted from the outer surface of the coconut. Coconut husk gives you a range of useful by-products, all having high intrinsic commercial value. Let‘s see the commercial potential of Coconut Husk in the market place:

Coconut husk

Coir fibre, Coco peat, Coco crush and coco husk chips are some of the by-products of the outer shell of coconut.  Coconut husk are mainly used for making pottings to grow plants and flowers. As a raw material of soil, coconut husk helps in the manufacture of greenhouse products. They offer more stability to the plant’s growth as they can absorb the essential nutrients required for growth.  As it can decompose fast, it offers excellent soil enrichment to plants.

Coconut husk is great for use as growing media for plant cultivation (potting medium) for flowers such as roses, orchids and antrium. It is also a major addition in several food production processes. Coconut husk also performs the following functions in the growth of plants:

  • Provides adequate moisture content to plants
  • Balances mineral
  • Maintains ideal temperature of plants
  • Maintains ideal pH value of plants
  • Prevents fungal growth in plants
  • 100 percent natural
  • Excellent as a cost-effective potting medium
  • Environment-friendly

Coconut husks are also made use of bio fuel and charcoal especially in villages. Household products such as carpets and rugs made of coir (coconut fibre) are highly durable and functional. As several products from coconut husks are 100 percent natural, they are readily recyclable. A dried half coconut shell with husk is made use of to buff floors.

So the next time around you think the size of a coconut fruit is something to be thrown away because of its relatively little edible content, think again!