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Are Bananas really healthy for babies?

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We’ve seen a few posts earlier on the health benefits and nutritional values of bananas. This article will centre on whether or not bananas can be introduced as a baby food or not? The answer is a definite ‘yes’.  Doctors recommend moms introduce bananas to infants who are ready to consume solid or semi-solid food. The nutrients found in abundance in bananas supply good health not only to adults but for toddlers and children as well. Here are a few reasons why bananas can be part of your baby’s stable diet:

Easily digestible:

Feed your baby a well ripened banana that is really easy on the stomach and soft on the throat. Babies enjoy the sweetness of bananas too, and their ready availability makes them a natural choice as a baby food. Mashed bananas are easily digestible and offer loads of energy for your baby.

Treats constipation:

Babies and toddlers suffer from constipation which is quite natural. Babies lay on their back, more often than not, making them tough to pass the stools out. This can lead to serious constipation in babies.  Feeding your baby with a few tablespoons of ripened and mashed will relieve him or her of this stressful condition. This is because the fruit has the required amount of dietary fibre that improves bulk of your stools by absorbing water. Thus, your baby will have lesser difficulty releasing stools.

Controls diarrhoea:

Babies, at the same time, also suffer from diarrhoea, that is mostly caused by viruses such as rotavirus. In this case, you must consult a suitable paediatrician, ensuring that the baby is rehydrated feeding him or her with rice/cereal, bananas, apples and toast. If you have a toddler, this diet will just do him/ her right if on solid or semi-solid diet.

Source of essential nutrients:

Bananas, as seen in the earlier posts, are rich storehouse of nutrients such as calcium, potassium, sulphur, magnesium phosphorous, copper and iron – key to a baby’s initial growth. Potassium is essential for strong muscle function and proper function of the heart. Copper can help improve your baby’s haemoglobin levels and blood count. When it comes to the development of bones, calcium is the most essential element required.

Less allergic food:

As bananas contain only benign amino-acids, they are easily digestible for babies, as already discussed. This also makes them less allergic as a fruit.

Remedy for urinary disorders:

Babies and toddlers are more susceptible to urinary tract infections. Some of its symptoms include frequent or infrequent urinations, fevers and urine that gives off a strong odour or foul smell, etc. Feeding babies mashed up banana will clean the urinary tract off accumulated toxins/chemicals.

Banana peel for reducing skin inflammation:

There is something unique that you can do with the banana peel. Have you ever tried rubbing the inside of a banana peel on insect bites? Banana peel gives relief from skin inflammation. It can also remove tiny splinters embedded in the skin caused by insects.