What are some of the benefits of Coconut Oil for Dogs?

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For a few people, their kids are everything. For many, their pets are THE PRIORITY! This is for those who have dogs as their pets and who are confused about using coconut oil as to take care of their pet dogs.

Coconut oil is of great importance to dogs as they enhance their internal biological processes, as well, prevents their skin from infections. Hence, coconut oil in a dogs’ routine makes sense when used as prescribed.
When it is fed orally, the quantity and frequency matters much, as an overdose may cause obesity, unwanted allergic reactions and Diarrhea. It is safer to start with smaller quantity (1/4 tablespoon) in a day spread across 2-3 meals. Gradually, the quantity shall be increased to 1 table spoon and optimized for the respective dogs as and when they react. This amount of intake enables the biological metabolism to function properly (immune, skin, digestive and cognitive functions).
When applied topically, this may regulate the lipid content in the skin, thereby preventing them from harmful bacteria, fungal and viral infections, makes the skin glow and also heals wounds and burns.
Crucial benefits of coconut oil for Dogs:
1. Soothes bites and stings
2. Moisturizes the dry skin and softens the hot spots
3. Balances thyroid levels and regulates weight gain
4. Prevents weight loss and keeps the appetite under control
5. Heal wounds and disinfect cuts
6. Hydrates the skin and prevents from sunburns
7. Gives a glossy glow to the skin coat
8. Improves digestion and boosts digestion
9.Cures gut problems and regulates the growth of yeast cells
10. Cleanses the teeth when simply applied and washed
11. Serves as an insect repellent on the skin
Choosing the type of coconut oil –unrefined and refined may have different applications and consequences when used. A few dogs may accept either of them, and a few may accept both. So, finding out your dog’s preference holds the key.
However, it is recommended to consult a Vet prior to any supplement provided to dogs, as it may end up in adverse reactions at times.