Benefits of Coconut Oil for Stretch Mark. Does it really work?

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Coconut oil is a medium chain fatty acid consisting of free fatty acids, such as capric acid and lauric acid. We have seen in our previous blogs that coconut oil has excellent anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-microbial properties. Because the skin can easily absorb coconut oil, it can protect it from free radical damage, and make your skin feel better in case of dry skin or “eczema”, though Virgin oil is rated best in terms of purity and healing properties on skin.

Stretch marks, which occurs in both men and women, are simply scars caused due to the skin stretching too quickly or much more than its elastic capacities.
Now, does Coconut oil really work?
Coconut oil is extremely emollient and can retain the hydration properties of the skin. This can cause the skin to become more elastic and is less likely to develop stretch marks. Because lauric acid can penetrate the skin deep into its layers, it may have a positive impact on the production of collagen, an important structural protein found in skin and other kinds of connective tissues. Coconut oil goes as a topical treatment or is used to the silken skin during the bath.
Coconut oil has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, and you’ll find the existing stretch marks reducing and fading in quick time. The skin deep hydration properties of coconut oil can get rid of itching usually associated with stretch marks.
Coconut oil can give your skin bright and lustrous shine. You can apply coconut oil directly on your stretch marks to make those marks fade away or you can mix it up using lemon juice before applying to the marks.
Though coconut oil is generally safe to use, consider using olive oil or almond oil if you’re allergic to it. There are no significant side effects associated with the use of coconut oils.
Though body stretch marks are completely normal, it is recommended to use coconut oil if you wish to keep stretch marks at bay. Don’t think coconut oil can completely eliminate stretch marks; it can only heal them to an extent and tones up your skin’s appearance!

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