What are the benefits and uses of Coconut Oil for Hemorrhoids?

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Most of us will not even usher the word “Piles”, as they presume that it is one of the most awkward diseases in this world. And they also feel ashamed of disclosing their Hemorrhoid (aka Piles) problem to others, because, it originates from one of the sensitive regions in the body, the anal part. Keeping these silly perceptions apart, the fact is that, it has to be treated immediately as and when found to avoid adverse effects at a later point in time.

Hemorrhoid occurs due to increased pressure during bowel movements and causes itching, swelling, burning, bleeding or inflammation in veins near the anal region. This may occur internally or externally but, without doubt, creates irritation and severe pain. Apple cider vinegar and coconut oil are identified to be the most effective remedies to this problem. However, coconut oil is much recommended than Apple cider because of its remarkable anti-inflammatory properties.
While the anti-bacterial characteristics of coconut oil enable the body to heal faster, the anti-inflammatory characteristics reduce swelling and inflammation, and analgesic characteristics reduce pain and irritation. The laxative property of coconut oil prevents one from constipation (strained bowel movement) and helps to get relieved from the symptoms of Hemorrhoids if any.
All these benefits of coconut oil shall be gained either by incorporating it into our diet or through external application on the affected region (the anal or rectum region). A few affordable and handy applications include:
1. Mixing with turmeric and applying the mixture topically in the affected regions to cure the external hemorrhoids
2. Adding ¼ or ½ a cup of oil when bathing to soothe and reduce the inflammation
3. Preparing refrigerated suppositories and using them with frequent intervals to get relieved from pain
4. Using coconut oil for cooking to boost immunity and healing power internally

Hence, coconut oil serves as the best home remedy for your secret problem. So get started and don’t hesitate, there are no side effects. But one important thing to note is that, if at all your inflammation has not reduced despite multiple applications/treatments, please consult your doctor to know the severity of inflammation, and then proceed further with the appropriate level of treatment.