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Can we eat banana (on an empty stomach) in early morning?

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Bananas are healthy, yummy and nutritious and impart one the much-required energy shot – But mind you, there is also a downside: bananas aren’t a great pick when it comes to breakie! Let’s find out why:

Cavendish banana

In spite of the fact that bananas are potassium, magnesium and fibre-rich, bananas don’t present themselves as a great option for breakfast. The main reason is that bananas contain a whacking 25 per cent natural sugar, which will drive sugar content to drastic levels in the bloodstream. Unless you team it up with another ‘healthy fat-rich’ food, it’s as if you are only temporarily filling your tummy, still leaving you feeling dozy and torpid later.

Though bananas seem like the perfect pick to grab and go first up in the morning, you may have to consider the fact that the fruit is 25% sugar and moderately acidic in nature. You need to balance your banana breakfast with a fat-rich meal as you may lose the goodness of banana whilst experiencing sudden spikes and acid levels. Also they are not ideal for maintaining a healthy and normal digestive system.

When you take in sugar in any form, the body uses the process of fermentation and turns sugar into acid and alcohol, which in turn will block the digestive system. Why not supplement it with healthy fat foods such as natural yoghurt, peanut butter or porridge, a few spices (a pinch of cinnamon) and a few varieties of herbs. This will bring about neutralization of acid substances and slow down metabolism of sugar to prevent sugar level spike and crash.

The idea is to plan your breakfast in such a way so as to mix and match several ingredients to kickstart your day in a healthy way!