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How to choose a fresh coconut

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Most of us are aware of the goodness of coconut. But when it comes to selecting a fresh coconut we are helpless and are mostly at the mercy of shopkeepers.

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We have often seen people shaking the coconut to see if it is fresh or not. This is because if there is water it is presumed to be a good coconut.

Here are a few tips that will help you identify a good mature brown coconut.

1. Always ask for fresh stock of coconuts. Such coconuts have higher chances of being good.

2. Always choose a coconut with more water. As mentioned earlier, you will have to shake a few coconuts to see if there is enough water content. Shake it and then listen to the sound of the water. If there is no sound you might as well keep looking. If you are wondering why, he is the explanation. If there is a crack in the coconut the water gets drained out. That could be a reason why there is less water inside the coconut. Usually, a coconut that has a crack will not be good. A crack in a coconut shell in most cases leads to impurities to enter coconut meat and cause mould.

3. Never buy coconuts with cracked shells: These coconuts will have mould in them in a majority of cases. It is the outer shell that protects the coconut from fungus and germs. When the outer cover is broken chances are the coconut is rotten.

4. Check the eyes of the coconut: Every coconut has three spots on them and you will find them if you observe carefully. These are called the eyes of the coconut. While one of the eyes will be hard the rest of them will be soft. During transportation there are chances that this soft eye gets damaged (before they reach grocery store some coconuts travel hundreds and thousands of miles). Coconut water starts coming out from it if the eye gets tampered, and there is a good chance that coconut meat would be infected by mould.

5. Look for coconut which is not moist from outside: When the shell crack water from inside the coconut starts to leak and make the coconut moist. A moist coconut is a sure sign that the shell is cracked.

You can buy a good coconut if you follow the above five tips. Even then there will be 20 % chances of getting a damaged coconut. This is because only when you break open a coconut you will know whether it is 100% good or not. If there is mould you will find a yellowish colour on the surface of coconut meat)

You can also test whether the coconut is good or bad by tasting the coconut. If it tastes bad it is not good. Identifying a good coconut is not that difficult. All you need is a little bit of practise and a lot of luck.

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Good luck with your coconut shopping!