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Cocopeat helps you grow your own Indoor Hanging Garden

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Indoor gardening can be fun, unique and creative as it gets. All you need is small floor space, or if you feel even a smaller shelf or desk is restrictive, then make your ceiling your playground. Japanese indoor gardening techniques such as Kokedama and Bonsai pave the way to create your very own hanging garden right inside your home.

Kokedama is nothing but a moss ball consisting of a single plant rooted in a ball of moist soil, more often than not with cocopeat and fertilizer and moss growing all over it. The moss keeps the soil together. The ball helps you to grow the ornamental plant when you sow in it. Cocopeat provides you with a much cost-effective and simple way to grow both Bonsai as well as Kokedama plants, and there are some basic differences between both these types of growing techniques. All you need to do is select a plant that grows in the sunlight.

You don’t require compost for the moss balls, though cocopeat is most recommended here. The moss-ball technique, once done, involves your watering the plant (drip or sprinkle preferably) on a regular basis but that’s all you need to do.