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Coronavirus is about to hit Banana supplies next

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News after news of the biggest economic recession continue to hit the headlines owing to the impact of the deadliest global pandemic COVID-19 or Novel Corona virus. The Coronavirus pandemic may hamper banana supplies in Asia. Philippine-based growers are feeling the heat with a sharp decline of 40 percent this year as ongoing lockdowns and social distancing measures limit output and logistics. Also, the supply chain and ecosystem linked to the growing and supply of bananas have been completely disrupted following the outbreak of COVID-19.

Bananas have to be harvested daily and it is easy for the fruits to get spoiled and thrown away. The Philippines is estimated to have shipped 20 percent of global banana production in 2019, and roughly 90 percent of total export volumes in Asia, with China and Japan being the two major markets.

Exports of the banana will continue to be affected even after restrictions are revoked and still social distancing measures are in place limiting the number of workers on-site.

The COVD-19 outbreak has choked food production and shipments internationally as sick workers, quarantines, panic buying and exports bans leading to grocery stores going dry, despite supplies in plenty. In Asia, especially India, it is to be noted that the domestic production of the fruit has increased by several folds.