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Would demand go up for tender coconut to beat heat this summer?

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Summer is around the corner and when the temperature and heat hit the peak, the demand for tender coconut gets bigger other popular heat escape drinks to include buttermilk and fresh juices. Tender Coconut is the most popular drink during the hot and scorching summer where humidity is a killer, especially in South India.

young coconut

It is also the time when temporary stalls and pushcart vendors selling tender coconuts get lucky as people consume more tender coconut water especially on the street pavements and highway roads. Because coconut water is loaded with essential nutrients and minerals, it is an instant relief if you suffering from dehydration when restoration of energy is of the essence.

The demand for tender coconut can shoot up in the months to come with an increase in humidity and temperature levels. Because tender coconuts are naturally available, they neither contain any artificial agents nor adulteration in any form. In spite of the huge demand for it, the supply is usually less.

Usually, an average vendor would sell no less than 200 coconuts during summer and the price too would tend to rise as health-conscious people rely on the goodness of tender coconuts, in addition to other natural fruits and nuts.

Though the weather helps in making copra in the southern regions of India, the arrival of coconut will reduce due to the rising demand for tender coconut. The summers are going to be extremely hot with the temperature likely to remain between 34 deg Celsius and 36 deg Celsius on average until the end of April.