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Is there any difference between Virgin and “Extra” Virgin Coconut Oil?

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The question of whether there are any differences between virgin and extra virgin coconut oil has been posed many a times online. Let’s really find out what differentiates Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) from Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) in this short post.

Virgin Coconut Oil or VCO

Virgin coconut oil is extracted centrifugally by the process of wet-pressing and low-heat, or adding an enzyme that is rice-based. Any Virgin coconut oil is great for many, especially in less-cooked meals or in coffee.

Cold-and-First-Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

There is nothing like “extra” virgin coconut oil, but Virgin coconut oil that is as unprocessed as it could be— pressed completely manually, with zero centrifugal agitation, additives or action of heat, and within a shorter harvesting time for most oxidants to remain intact and good phyto-chemicals as possible— is good enough to derive its full benefits and goodness.

Dermatologists make use of the ‘extra’ virgin coconut oil for several compromised skin ailments that range from atopic dermatitis to psoriasis and long-staying hospitalized patients or herpetic lesions to get rid of bed sores completely. There have been no reports of allergic reactions resulting from the use of pure virgin coconut oil, though there have been isolated reports of reactions to using RBD oils as well as coconut oils added with allergenic ingredients and allergens made use of in the extraction process or to coconut oils stored in vats prone to allergenic ingredients or oils.

Cold-first-pressed coconut oil is rich and pure and offers a host of benefits as a total-body moisturizer, age-fighting & wrinkle-reduction skin oil, post-depilatory anti-inflammatory oil, baby care lotion, damaged hair vitaliser, sore throat cure (through gargling frequently), clearing and pain reduction of canker sores lotion as a oil-pulling or an anti-microbial mouth wash. Its fatty acids fortify the skin’s barrier integrity as they are fully native to your skin.

It also features as a top choice for fresh salads as you gain access to a super dose of anti-oxidants and nutritional benefits. If you have a highly sensitive skin or one that is medically managed, the benefits of going for ‘extra virgin’ coconut oil is tremendous including anti-aging cellular balance, rich moisturization and skin barrier repair function — keeping the amount of processing as minimum as possible.