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How to enjoy Banana during pregnancy?

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There are lot many ways expecting moms can enjoy bananas.  How bananas benefit pregnant women nutrition wise will be dealt with in a separate blog post. For now, it is time to pick a few ideas on how to enjoy bananas if you are an expectant mom.

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Banana with Milk – For a healthy start:

Start of each morning with a glass of fresh milk for an active and healthy start.  Ensure the milk is well well-pasteurized. If lactose intolerance is suspected, go for almond or soy milk instead.

Banana Shake – Yummy goodie:

If you are looking for some yummy goodness, then banana shake is the obvious choice. Easy to make, banana shakes can tickle your taste buds if you add some almonds and walnut to it. Take the drink in between meals, like on empty stomach, and during snack time.

Banana Smoothie with Honey – Power Snacking:

Try making banana smoothie in as many flavours you can and serve it as a breakfast and snacking beverage. A blender is all you require to make it anytime, anywhere and the way you like it.

Banana Fries:

Potato fries, though a tasty snack, contains large amounts of fat and might contain harmful trans fats. Banana fries come as an excellent substitute to it. If you’re looking to shed those extra calories and apparent weight increase during pregnancy, then snack on baked banana fries. If you are averse to the sweet taste, then sprinkle some pepper on it to make it spicy.

Banana Chips – Light on stomach:

Banana chips are found all over Kerala and parts of South India. Light on stomach, they make a healthy, filling snack any time of day, especially if you’re dying to munch on something.  Make your own if you have an oven at home.

Green Bananas:

Extremely rich in nutrients, green bananas are a boon especially during pregnancy.  They are a low-calorie, no fat, no cholesterol food that will make you feel full. Boiled green bananas come as a cheap, quick and easy dish, choc-full of nutrients.

Raw Banana Curry:

A south Indian dish often served with rice and chapattis. Healthy and wholesome, raw banana curry is a tasty dish that doubles as a vegetable curry if your taste buds —as it always does during pregnancy—craves for something different each time.

Take banana in any form you want; the choice is entirely yours. But don’t forget to take at least one banana a day; your baby may need it too. Have a healthy, happy pregnancy and baby.