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Face Beauty hacks with Coconut Milk

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Our previous blogs on the ‘magical’ benefits of Coconut milk dealt with its various health & nutrition aspects, in addition to how it can benefit the skin, face and hair with essential nutrients quite abundant in it. This concluding blog on its myriad of benefits discussed will centre around how it can top as a cosmetic too, without your having to rely on cosmetic creams, pills and lotions in the drug and pharmaceutical stores.


Prevents anti-aging:

Any surprises if we say that coconut milk can prevent and fight against anti-ageing factor? Coconut milk has Vitamin C in high levels that help retain the elasticity of skin face and maintain anti-oxidants required for anti-ageing. Applying coconut milk on the skin prevents age spot, wrinkles and sagging skin. The best way to use it is mixing 5 -6 drops of coconut milk with almonds, make it into a masker paste and apply it on the face. Now that’s something for the women out there to take stock of.

Prevents Acne:

The number of commercial Acne products available on the marketplace is mind-boggling. This said it is one of the most common skin problems that defeat the very self-image of teens these days due to improper diet and fast food eating habits.  Coconut oil possesses good anti-bacterial properties as a face cleanser. Coconut milk is great for treating oil and acne-filled skin face. Simply apply 2-3 drops of coconut milk as facial scrub anytime for a healthy and shiny glow.

 Make-Up Remover:

After a tiring, long and exhausting day, removing make up keeps the face skin healthy and strong.  Most make up props contain hazardous chemicals detrimental to the skin and increases dot spot. Coconut milk, for long, is considered as a natural make-up removal agent. Soak cotton with two drops of coconut oil and apply on your face to remove make-up. Just not that, coconut milk, as already discussed, is a great for nourishing the skin.