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Farm to market: Indian farmers struggle to face losses amidst Coronavirus Lockdown

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The Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19 has crippled virtually every industrial sector and its spiralling effect has had a heavy toll on people, policies and processes all over the world with lockdown after lockdowns. Indian farmers have struggled to make amends amidst Coronavirus lockdown.

The nationwide lockdown owing to coronavirus pandemic has lead to transportation barriers, acute labour shortages and impediments to new market entry and market access, stripping the hopes of thousands of farmers in the country. Though the Indian government has stepped in to loosen up some of the restrictions for the farming sector, the community is still struggle to make meets end. Most farmers were able to harvest only limited produce due to sharp labour shortages.

In spite of the abundant crops, most farmers weren’t just able to harvest the expected quantity of coconuts as many of the farmers were forced to return to their native places as soon as the lockdown was announced. More to the point, climbing atop the trees to pluck the fibrous fruit isn’t easy, and requires trained skills. Most farmers were stranded without income to repay even their loans.

Logistics play a vital role in delivering products to consumers, irrespective of the industry. When it comes to agro-products, logistics is all the more important owing to its perishable nature. Mobility of goods faced hurdles at several points because the logistics ecosystem was completely chained. With limited transport facilities, the entry and exit points of many locations have been closed to prevent the spread of the pandemic, leading to the dumping of the harvest.

Though the government rolled out a few relief measures through cash transfers, short-term crop loans and other financial aids, there is still a long way for the farmers to come out of the hardship they have been put into.