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How to find Fresh Coconut Meat

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Fresh coconut meat is a wide market with several buying options. From our years of experience and expertise, we have compiled this blog to help you strike the real deal. First, let us quickly understand the differences between dried mature and young fresh coconut meat. Mature coconut meat is obtained from coconuts that have been left on the tree for extended periods. It is generally oily and thicker, and dried to make products including coconut flakes and coconut chips. And when processed further, you can make coconut oil, cream and milk out of it. On the contrary, young coconut meat is scooped from the interior of the coconut shell, thus resulting in a sweet taste and nice, malleable texture. Generally speaking, a unique flavor, nutritional profile and texture.


Shelf life:
Fresh coconut meat, in order for its taste and texture to be preserved, has to be frozen right after scooping it.  As it is a fresh food item with a lot of good bacteria including enzymes, raw coconut meat comes with a very short shelf life of maximum of 5 days. Any product that is having an extended life has been heated and either processed or dehydrated. We wouldn’t tell it is a bad thing, just a different item.

Anything packed in a can contains a lot of preservatives and added sugar like syrup. Coconut meat especially is porous and absorbs its host liquid quite easily. Having said this, you may appreciate the fact that soaking in syrup is not good from a taste or nutritional value perspective. Therefore, buy raw coconut meat in a bag that is clearly labeled no preservatives and no sugar added.

Like with all agricultural products, origin plays an important role in the flavor and other properties of coconut meat. For instance, coconuts grown on the beaches of Philippines and Brazil give a salty taste. Comparatively, Pollachi coconuts are known for its naturally sweet taste and flavor as the soil is mineral-rich, with abundant water and bright sunshine and heat all throughout the year.  

Purchasing coconut meat from a brand that is ‘Organic certified’ means that you really support ethical standards and sustainable farming methods, also enhancing the taste and nutrient values of organic coconut meat.