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What is the Future of Desiccated Coconut Market Business – Part 2?

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Desiccated coconut is traditionally an important ingredient and topping in a number of popular Asian dishes including curries, baked food and cooked cereal. Europe stands as the biggest importer of desiccated coconut. In Europe, Belgium is the top consumer for desiccated coconuts closely followed by Germany, Netherlands, and the UK.

In North America, the US is the main consumer for desiccated coconut. The European market is slated to grow higher in terms of consumption. Coming to the Asia-Pacific regions, Singapore tops the list of top consumers for the product.

Production-wise, the top producers include Indonesia, Philippines, India, and Sri Lanka. Philippines, Sri Lanka, and India easily form the biggest export base for desiccated coconuts in the international market.

The desiccated coconut is added to bakery products in most European countries including the Netherlands and the UK. Besides, it is also the main ingredient in breakfast cereals. There also has been a growing demand for such desiccated coconut products in Europe, as much as they are used in Asian dishes.

However, desiccated coconuts are high on saturated fatty acids content which may affect consumer health. This has made people alternate desiccated coconut-related products with roasted coconut chips and tender coconut water to stay fitter and healthier.

It is important for desiccated coconut product makers to understand the changes in market dynamics, historical trends, market segmentation and sub-segments (as seen in the previous blog), current and projected market size, latest industry developments, trends, opportunities, challenges, key emerging markets, regional or local markets, applications, technological landscape and niche segments to establish a strong base in the market.