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Growing custom-made crop minus soil is possible with Cocopeat

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Emerging farming technologies like Hydroponics, the process of growing plants without the help of soil in a controlled environment has gained greater traction than ever before. If you have a glasshouse that is left unused, you can easily turn it into a hydroponics lab and not only grow common vegetables such as coriander, mint, lettuce, cucumber, capsicum, tomato, and beans, but also higher varieties such as bamboo, ferns and sand sanders using water alone.

Usually, soil supplies the essential minerals required by the plans and acts as the holding medium. In the case of the hydroponics process, the soil is replaced with inert media such as pebbles, clay balls, coco peat or perlite, rock wool, etc. For the supply of nutrients, the germinated plants are usually grown in small cups that are filled with porous bottom, put in a long pipeline that’s made of food-grade plastic. Because nutrient-rich water flows continuously touching plants there is a constant supply of oxygen in addition to minerals, to the roots of the plant.

Cocopeat, therefore, acts as the perfect medium for plants to grow without any soil and has caught the attention of those who want to grow plants with limited space. You will not require a whole room to establish an indoor gardening system.