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Health Benefits: Coconut Oil Now Ranks As a ‘Superfood’!

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Coconut oil has topped the list of ‘superfoods yet again. In fact, it is a miracle food, as discussed in our previous blog posts. Research studies carried out, time and again, has proved that coconut oil is an excellent anti-ageing and antiinfection agent, and great for cardiac health, weight loss, disease prevention, blood sugar balance, in addition to other health benefits.

Recent research also points out that coconut oil can reverse Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or memory loss and its other types. Alzheimer’s, for long, has been considered a lifestyle disease due to the presence of highcarb and low-fat food substances in the diet.

Glucose is identified as the major source of energy for the body. Recent research studies have indicated that the brain can produce its own shot of insulin. The brain uses insulin for converting glucose into energy. The brain, according to the research, can use ketones for energy.

The body produces ketones when fat is converted into energy. An excellent source of Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) is coconuts which constitute about twothirds of MCTs. The Neurobiology of Aging, in their journal, indicates that if you eat foods that are particularly rich in coconut, the body is supplied with brainboosting ketones. Dr. Joseph Mercola explains the way this MCTketone metabolism happens is that the MCTs are treated as a carbohydrate, unlike a fat. This means that the ketone energy enters the bloodstream not like the usual insulin spike when carbohydrates enter the bloodstream. Interestingly, recent research studies reveal that the brains of patients suffering from diabetes and Alzheimer’s actually develop an affiliation for ketone.

Dr Mary Newport throws more light that it may be possible to avoid insulinresistance associated neuronal atrophy and starvation that happens in brain cells. She added that brain cells when supplied with ketone bodies, could potentially keep the brain kicking and helps it to be fully functional.

There is one way to make sure ketones feed the brain and that is to consume MCTrich fat, according to Dr Newport, in the form of two teaspoons of coconut oil containing about 20gm of MCTthe therapeutic dose prescribed as either a preventative approach against degenerative neurological disorders or as a treatment for a case that is already established.  She points out that ketone therapy, which can be extracted out of coconut oil, maybe a welcome treatment for several diseases such as MS, Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS)  and Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, besides Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

Dr Newport further tells that coconut oil can not only get rid of Alzheimer’s and diabetes but also does its bit to reverse some of the damages inflicted on the nerves and neuronal cells of the brain.