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Interesting Facts about Cavendish Banana

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Cavendish banana is the most common and the most popular variety of banana that we find in the market these days. You will find online several green Cavendish banana suppliers and manufacturers in India. They supply quality bananas all over the world.

Bananas have a wide variety of health benefits and they are nutrient-rich. Did you know that the smell of the banana can actually suppress your appetite? Or that banana might actually help you feel happy? Read on…

Three bananas.
Three bananas.

The smell of bananas may suppress your appetite

According to a study done in Chicago, you can trick your brain into thinking that you’ve actually eaten by smelling certain foods when you are hungry. Banana is one of those foods. Next time when you feel hungry, smell and see if it works. Another interesting fact is that bananas can actually help you in losing weight.

Banana can improve your athletic performance

World’s best athletes love banana. Bananas are a great option to fuel your muscles if you’re active. It provides nutrients and antioxidants that are missing in sports drinks.

Cavendish banana is not expensive

Compared to any other fruit, banana is the cheapest. That is indeed surprising because Cavendish bananas are shipped from great distances, and much more than apples it requires refrigeration and a lot of handling.

Bananas are an important staple food

For many populations around the world, especially for those living in tropical regions, bananas are a staple starch. It can be eaten raw or cooked. In Asian countries, Cavendish banana hearts are also popular, and its taste is similar to artichokes.

Bananas are diet friendly

Cavendish banana is filled with carbs and dietary fibre. They also contain resistant starch, which helps you feel fuller longer because it is a type of carbohydrate you can’t digest. The greener the banana the more resistant starch it contains. This makes banana a perfect pre-workout and post-workout snack, and also a great mid-afternoon snack, if you eat it a meal by itself.

Cavendish bananas are great for hangovers

To cure hangovers all you need to do is eat a banana. This is because they are rich in potassium. Before going to bed eat one banana or eat one just after waking up.

Bananas are at risk of extinction

Cavendish bananas, which are super popular, are always at risk mainly because it is a man-made seedless fruit and there’s only one variety grown widely. All that it would take to make bananas extinct is one destructive disease or bug. The Cavendish banana we eat these days is a substitute for the almost indistinguishable banana, Gros Michel that vanished in the 1960s.

Cavendish bananas used to have seeds

Even now wild bananas have seeds. The Cavendish banana is a human invention. Bananas in their original state were full of seeds, which did not appeal to people so they made the fruit seed-free using banana hybrids. In banana there are still tiny little seeds, but in the banana reproduction they don’t serve any function.

So know you know why you should make Cavendish banana a part of your daily diet. If you can’t get quality banana in your local supermarket, order then online from Cavendish banana suppliers and manufacturers in India.