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Looking for the best Coconut manufacturer & suppliers in Pollachi?

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Pollachi, one of the most important agricultural regions of Coimbatore, grows coconut in huge volumes. It is one of the largest exporters of coconuts and coconut-based products in Tamilnadu, enabling India to compete in the international market with an attractive price point.

tidal impex exporters of coconut in IndiaIndia was the third largest producers of coconut in the world last year with Tamilnadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh contributing to the country’s total export volume.

Sourced from the fresh coconuts of our farms, Tidal exports Indian coconuts, Coconut copra and Cocopeat for various applications. Our coconuts are procured from trees that are grown on highly fertile soil mixed without any pesticides or chemicals, and are free of pest attacks or other crop diseases.

Tidal Imports & Exports is known for its high quality packaging techniques to prevent discolouration or decay. Our products, therefore, are ensured of nutritional content/value and freshness. We don’t use harmful pesticides or fertilizers and any synthetic chemicals, thus making our products safe and nutritionally high.

Tidal Imports & Exports is one of the largest coconut manufacturers and suppliers in Pollachi, known for the adoption of modern farming practises and introduction of drip irrigation and hybrid varieties for increased yield comparatively three to four times more than other regions in South India. We process our products under extremely hygienic conditions that are in compliance with established industrial standards and norms. Our products have been valued by our clients for their extended shelf life, fine quality and high nutritional value. Tidal Imports & Exports have an expert team of quality analysts in-house that leaves no stone unturned in rigorously inspecting the products on already defined parameters so that our products maintain its original aroma, taste, flavour, purity and freshness for extended period of time. Are you looking for the most reliable coconut manufacturer and supplier in Pollachi? Then, do not go any further than Tidal.