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The new year is here with us, now

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A year that will go down in history as one of the worst years in the 21st century 2020 is a testing time not for the general public but for businesses, especially small businesses that were struggling to shape themselves, first when demand suffered in the last quarter of 2019, and then when COVID-19 or the Novel Coronavirus shook the world with disastrous effects. Millions of lives were lost, livelihoods ebbed and so did our spirits faded to smoke and drifted away. We, at Tidal Impex, remained strong and determined for the most part of the year, though lockdown after lockdowns dented our hopes and made matters worse to stage a comeback when restriction would be finally relaxed allowing businesses to persist and subsist in spite of the hardships surrounding the business environment. 

Coconut exports India

There was a lot of talk especially online about coconut oil capable of killing the COVID-19 virus. But research studies proved it wrong. The fact that coconut oil has excellent immunity-boosting properties cannot be discounted. Its therapeutic values were found to be beneficial during the pandemic. The many by-products of Coconut were found to exhibit similar effects in varying proportions.  

The wait for a COVID-19 vaccine is finally over, and this will turn the tables on for the continuance of business and trading globally. We lost quite a many export opportunity the previous year, and this year should help us achieve our target in terms of sales and revenues. It gives us satisfaction at a personal plane that we were able to give a lending hand to our staff and employees during the tough times in terms of safety, security and confidence. This will only boost our morale as we step into the fresh year with tons of hope and belief that business will bounce back at a dramatic rate. We wish all our clients, staff, employees and stakeholders a happy and prosperous new year, and may all your choicest dreams come true!