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Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits of Dried coconut

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When compared to other dried fruits dried coconut often goes underappreciated. However, you definitely need to include it in your diet if you are interested in eating healthy. Dried coconut is a valuable addition to many meals mainly because of its high nutritional value and many health benefits.

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The fact that it is delicious makes people incorporate it in several ways in their diets. Many tasty savoury and sweet dishes can be made using dried coconut. Just browse the net and you will be surprised at the number of dishes that can be prepared using dried coconut.

If you are making a transition to healthy eating you can do so easily by including dried coconut.

Dried Coconut Nutrition Facts

Its high nutritional value is one of the most important benefits of dried coconut. However, if you are trying to lose weight it’s a point that you will need to consider carefully. Unlike other dried fruits this fruit contains healthy fats, but there are still fats. So, when adding coconut dishes into your daily meal plan you’ll need to count your calories.

The nutritional value of desiccated coconut (28gm) is:

Dried coconuts

186 calories

Dietary fiber: 19% of the required daily amount (RDA) of

Vitamin E: 1%

Vitamin C: 1%

Vitamin B6: 4%

Riboflavin: 2%

Iron: 5%

Copper: 11%

Selenium: 7%

Calcium: 1%

Manganese: 38%

Dried Coconut Health Benefits

Here are some of the other benefits of eating dried coconut:

It strengthens your connective tissues

Your ligaments, skin, tendons and bones fall into the category of connective tissues. A great number of minerals are present in them. A particular part of your body will be affected if there is deficiency in any of these elements. One of your health priorities should be to keep your connective tissues strong. Any of the problems will make your existence as a whole highly uncomfortable and endanger your life itself. A wide range of minerals is present in desiccated coconut, which are easy for your body to process and absorb. Therefore, mineral deficiency can be prevented by including it in your diet. It can also reduce the risk of serious diseases, such as osteoporosis and arthritis.

It promotes your brain function

Dried coconut can help improve and promote healthy brain functions. The production of neurotransmitters as well as myelin can be promoted by certain chemicals present in the coconut meat. Neurotransmitters are the fatty outside layer that wraps neurons and permit them to transmit to the brain more powerfully. Note that severe neurological problems will result if there is any damage to myelin cover of your neurons. A recent research has found that coconut can prevent Alzheimer’s to a considerable extend. This is because of its power in promoting your brain health.

It helps lower your blood cholesterol levels 

Desiccated coconut like any other source of healthy fats increases the level of HDL cholesterol and lowers your levels of LDL cholesterol. Therefore, it promotes cardiovascular health and strengthens your arteries.

It prevents anaemia

Anaemia or Iron deficiency affects mostly women in their 30s. The condition lowers your natural protections as well as affects your overall condition even though it in itself isn’t dangerous. Anaemia can lead to accidents as it causes bouts of dizziness. It also makes it easier for viruses and bacteria to attack your body. When you make your meal plan consider your iron intake as people rarely receive enough of this mineral from food. Dried coconut is high in ironcontent. You can reach the daily requirement of this particular mineral by adding dried coconut to some of your foods.

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