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Does Coconut Oil help you stay in Ketosis?
November 15, 2019
Coconut oil is becoming an essential as well as a popular food for those who’re on a very-low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet. Add a tablespoon of coconut oil to your coffee to mainta...
Are there any Health benefits of adding Coconut Oil to your Coffee?
November 7, 2019
Both coffee, as well as coconut oil, has its own share of benefits. So what are the combined effects of adding coconut oil to your coffee? This short blog will cover the health benefits of t...
Benefits of using Coco Peat to Grow Food
October 25, 2019
Coco peat is fast turning out to be a great alternative growing medium to soil. In places where there is acute water scarcity, coco peat can turn the tables on if you’re looking to growing...
What is Fractionated Coconut Oil? What are the Health Benefits of Fractionated Coconut Oil?
October 16, 2019
Fractional coconut oil is extracted from regular coconut oil with the help of a process called fractionation. It is a process which is used to various types of fats that are usually found in...
Which Oil is Better for Cooking: Mustard Oil or Coconut Oil?
October 7, 2019
It is important that the cooking oil you use should be healthy enough to supply the essential nutrients to our body. Indian homemakers use both coconut as well as mustard oil for cooking and...
Is Coconut Milk Safe for Baby?
September 21, 2019
First, coconut milk can never be a substitute for mother’s milk, let alone cow’s milk that can result in severe dehydration and iron deficiencies in babies. As a matter of fact, mother...