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Pollachi coconut suppliers buoyant about increasing prices of Coconut & Copra

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Pollachi coconut suppliers and exporters are buoyant about the increasing prices of Copra this year, as per most market reports, fetching prices above the minimum support price (MSP) this season in the marketplace.  It is also believed that coconuts will also fetch a decent price this season. Let’s not forget that almost every coconut and copra supplier suffered the heat of the COVID-19 pandemic last year due to the low demands when consumption levels hit an all-time low.  The demand for coconut and copra increased when lockdown restrictions were released in a phased manner.  Also, logistic issues at most points severed ties with coconut and copra vendors and sellers in many regions in Coimbatore, Pollachi, Erode, among others.

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Copra-based products too are finding innovative applications that have great commercial value in the marketplace.  Needless to say, the demand for these products can only get bigger in the months to come.  Though there are a lot of factors governing the price dynamics, good quality copra will fetch higher prices and subsequent price fluctuation will depend upon the arrivals from the neighbouring states of Kerala and Karnataka. This price is also dependent on the northeast monsoon.  If the monsoon is good enough, then prices are likely to fall down as there will be arrivals from other states, particularly Karnataka. Therefore, some experts also opine that the fluctuating prices of coconut and copras are not subjected to market risk, but rather weather risk, regardless of which way the prices of copra will be higher than the MSP.

Meanwhile, farmers in the district of Coimbatore are optimistic about the shooting prices of coconut over the past few months, after going through such a lull period last year especially during the lockdown. If everything goes well, the next few months are just going to be exciting times for all the coconut and copra suppliers and exporters in the Coimbatore and Pollachi regions.