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Role of Coconut Water in the growth of human tissue – Part 1

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Coconut water is known as the “manna from the heaven” as it contains every divine characteristic that man asks for: nutrients, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, phytonutrients, enzymes and growth factors. Coconut water is abundant in selenium, zinc, manganese, boron, sulphur, iodine and molybdenum which are in electrolytic form and assimilated by the human body.

Coconut is rich in growth hormone called Cytokinins, a group of hormone that leads to the development, growth and aging of human tissues. Also called anti-aging hormones, Cytokinins result in cell division and hugely impact the rate of aging. Let’s see in detail how Cytokinins play a vital role in fighting the aging process of humans:

Normal human cells go through a series of irreversible changes until a certain stage at which they disintegrate and die. Young cells are smooth and bouncy but as they age they become dry and rough.  Now the cell division that occurs slows down and finally dies. The aging process can be gradually delayed by adding Cytokinins to the human system which is an active ingredient available in coconut water.

When cytokininis are included in culture medium, the normal sequence of aging is delayed and the cells do not go through the degenerative changes that usually occur otherwise. However, there is no significant increase in the total lifespan of human cells, the cells turn out to be increasingly youthful and stay functional all throughout their lifetime. More about this in the subsequent blog.