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Role of Coconut Water in the growth of human tissue – Part 2

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The first part of the blog series dealt with how Cytokinins play an active role in preventing the degeneration of human cells. Let us expand this further in the concluding part of the blog series. The cells that undergo treatment with Cytokinins look fresh and act like the cells almost half their age. Treated cells do not pass through degenerative changes that untreated cells usually undergo.

young coconut

Cytokinins have been proved in efficacy in the treatment of sagging, wrinkles, age spots and dry skin. It is also efficient is treating sagging skin and wrinkles, the primary reason for breakdown connective tissues and aging of the skin.

Connective tissues are responsible for skin elasticity and strength. Cytokinins when applied on the skin topically results in the cell division of connective tissues. Consequently, the older tissues are replaced by younger tissues, the reaction of which wrinkles disappear. What you get as a result is a silky soft and smoother skin. Say goodbye to old dry, aging skin with Cytokinins! This has led to many cosmetic brands adding cytokinins to their lotion, facial creams and several other anti-ageing products.

Coconut water has been proved to be a rich organic dietary source of Cytokinins. No wonder consuming cytokinins in abundance may delay the ageing process and lower the risk of developing a number of age related diseases.

Cytokinins also play its own role in preventing the development of cancer. Usually, cancer treatment involves maintaining healthy cells alive, whilst all the cancerous cells are treated to die, thereby checking its spread further. A lot of research studies conducted globally in renowned universities point to the fact that Cytokinins are developed to fight against cancer.  Coconut water, rich in Cytokinins, is excellent in fighting against cancerous cells by accelerating the healing process by first killing the cancer cells and stopping the regeneration of cancerous cells.