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What are the things that you can make out of Coir?

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Coir products are eco-friendly products. They are the most preferred raw material for making a wide range of products ranging from mattresses, coir molded baskets and yarns. Some of the other products manufactured out of coir include.

Coir ropes & Belts: Coir rope making is one of the most popular cottage industries in India. The coconut fibre is wounded on a wheel that is attached to hooks. The wheel is operated by hand which helps twist the coir while more is added in the process. It forms a strong rope that does not break or unwind. The main application of coir belts is to drive machines, in addition to doubling up as conveyor belts.

Mattresses, Tiles & Rugs: Most households in India have either coir mattresses or rugs. Coir tiles are gaining popularity too.

Coir Fenders and Baskets: Coir fenders are usually made in cylindrical, spherical or ring shapes. Fenders are manufactured in several shapes from a rope, coir yarn or fibre tied together tightly. Coir rope is knotted that helps make the outer shell through the traditional knotting technique.

Coir when made full use of can churn out beautiful decorative items, and it is fully customized. It not only adds aesthetic value but also does not burn the buyer’s pockets. If you can train yourself a bit in making coir products, it can be an investment for a successful business career or passive income opportunities. Coconut Coir is completely organic and does not harm the natural ecosystem or environment in any way. If you are looking to make a career out of manufacturing coir products there are several courses and training programs conducted by the Central Government and several state governments which you can avail of.