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Dried Coconut  (also known as ‘Copra’ of ‘Kopra’) is simply the dark, fibrous shell, the extraction of which can produce a highly fragrant coconut liquid.  Dried coconut, in other words, is a simply dry nut called a fibrous dupe. Dry coconut is a hard brown shell that contains meat with liquid at the centre. The coconut is sun-dried to golden pieces. It has a strong, sweet aroma and a nice, nutty flavour.  Dry coconut can come in different forms including chopped dry coconut, grated dry coconut, roasted and powdered dry coconut and sliced dry coconut. Indian cuisines use dry coconuts, in fact, a lot of them, to prepare several everyday dishes. 

Dried coconut can be taken by itself like a snack, included in the hot or cold cereal, or in baked products.  It can be added to smoothies, sprinkled as required on salads, or you can stir it into sautéed vegetables. It is an everyday ingredient in many Thai and Indian dishes when it is sprinkled on fruits or salads.  You can easily create a sweetened version of the nut by just adding a little honey, sugar or maple syrup to the water before you combine with the coconut. It can give out a superb flavour and a crunchy taste. 

Because the content moisture is less, dry coconuts have extended shelf life in comparison to a fresh coconut. It can be stored in a refrigerator or plastic bag and maintained in good condition for six months.  It has the highest saturated fat and total fat content.  Though it can lead to lifestyle diseases, it can be taken in moderate quantities as it has no cholesterol, high in manganese and very low in sodium. We, at Tidal Impex, one of the best Dry Coconut suppliers in Pollachi, capture the light aroma and mild taste of dried coconuts.