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Most tender coconuts that are sold in Chennai and other cities of Tamilnadu and other states are mostly sourced from Pollachi in the district of Coimbatore. Thus, any doubt that Pollachi is the coconut capital of Tamilnadu? Pollachi is a lush-green region known for its thick concentration of coconut plantations. Pollachi tender coconuts are highly popular the world over due to their consistent quantity and size and sweet flavour and taste. Our matured or fully grown coconuts are used to either extract coconut oil or can be sold in loose as a nut in the marketplace. We are also quite innovative in marketing the coconut, making it easier for our customers and end users. 

Our coconuts which are of young coconut variety are a high source of vitamin, come with excellent nutritional properties, act as oral rehydration medium and is effective in treating urethral stones and kidney. They have a natural taste as they are locally procured and our packaging ensures high hygiene levels, particularly at a time when safety and hygiene is extremely important following the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic all over the world. 

Coconut is known as ‘Kalpavriksha’ in the ancient times, as almost every part of the tree finds use in one way or the other. Coconut, the main product, is used as tender coconut or cooking grate or cooking oil. The coconut leaves find application for building boundary walls or in roof construction or making groom sticks and so on. Almost every part of the coconut tree can be readily used as firewood. Coconut shells serve as a secondary income for tender coconut vendors as they too find application from firewood to decorative items and as planters. If you are looking for the most trusted coconut supplier in Pollachi, don’t search any further than Tidal Impex, as only we understand our clients the best, and deliver an extensive form of Coconut and related products.