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Why is Tidal Impex a trusted exporter of fresh coconuts?

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Fresh coconuts are typically sourced from the tree even as they are green. A hollow is bored into the fruit to have access to the coconut liquid and meat. In young coconuts, the liquid and air may be underneath some pressure, and may spray light when the inner husk is penetrated. Coconuts that generally fall to the floor are exposed to rot and damage from animals or insects. 

tidal impex exporters of coconut in India

Tidal Impex is one of the best exporters in Pollachi. We are a leading supplier of fresh, semi-husked coconuts in India. Our semi-husked coconuts come with the goodness of coconut water. The coconuts are light-brown in colour and fully mature. Whilst packing the coconuts, we ensure that the fresh coconuts stay intact. Our coconuts are grown in several areas of Pollachi, and available all around the year. We thoroughly help our customers sell quality coconuts in the marketplace. 

Our fresh coconuts have great nutritional values such as high protein content compared to other fresh coconut suppliers in Pollachi. They have an intrinsic ability to destroy intestinal parasites. Fresh coconuts are great for urinary bladder and kidney problem. Rich in fatty acid cholesterol, our coconuts that are hygienically packed retain its taste and freshness for an extended period of time. Our coconuts are surprisingly packed to treat malnutrition, prevent heart diseases and have loads of benefits for other health issues. In terms of specifications, our fresh coconuts are light-brown and graded as semi-husked. Our matured nut measures 12 to 14 inches and weighs 500gm to 650gm. The shelf-life is 50 days from the date of packing. In terms of applications, our fresh coconuts find use in commercial products and in households in different dishes and cuisines. We are providing these fresh, quality coconuts at some of the most competitive prices in the market in the required quantity for our esteemed customers.