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Tips to choose the best tender coconut

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Tender Coconut is composed of two parts: Water and coconut meat. There are many who sip in the coconut water alone, while a few consume the coconut meat. In India, the roadside coconut vendor usually asks what you would like to have: water or the delicate cream. But even he may have problems identifying the right tender coconut. Here are some tips on how to select the best tender coconut anywhere in the world.


young coconut

Selecting a vendor:  The coconut vendor must be physically strong to pierce the coconut husk efficiently to dispense the water out or scoop out the creamy meat as required.

Size of the tender coconut: Small-sized coconuts hardly give you any water. At the same time, don’t be carried away by large-sized ones. An overripe coconut contain minimal amount of water. Always go for medium-sized nuts.

Colour of the Coconut husk:  We recommend green colour husk without strips or gray patches. Avoid coconuts with yellow-green, grey or brown patches as they can be stale or mature, and contain more amount of coconut meat than the water. If the coconut has too much grey stripes on the exterior, it is overripe.

Allowing the vendor to select: Don’t allow vendors to select coconuts as you’ll be compelled to go for with whatever they lay their hands upon. There might be a better choice somewhere when you spend some time to pick the right one. 

You need to exercise caution when using a straw to drink coconut water. Check for recycled straws as they might be soiled or contaminated probably the last thing you’d want.

When you want a parcel of coconut water, never tell this to the vendor beforehand. Ask for the vendor to provide coconut water on the spot before you request for a parcel of it, as some vendors may charge an additional charge that is unfairly priced for takeaways.