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Top 10 Major Rice Exporting Countries in the World

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Rice is a major cash crop that is imported and exported all over the world. It is used to make a variety of delicacies and is always in demand. Rice cultivation was started by the Chinese, which slowly spread across west Asia and South East Asia. Europe soon followed suit. Countries in the eastern and southern parts of Asia have fertile soils suitable for its production. The basic requirements for rice production are high temperatures, humid environment, enriched land and surplus water supply. The best rice crops in the world are in China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, etc. because these countries are blessed with all these factors. Let’s take a look at the top 10 rice exporting countries in the world.

rice exporters in India


When we talk about rice production in China both quality and quantity come hand in hand. The hometown of rice production is China. For the Chinese rice forms the basic part of their diet. China is suitable for rice cultivation mainly because it is one of the biggest counties in the world and has great mass of land for cultivation. Rice is a staple food in China, which is eaten by two third of the people in the country. China is a major exporter of rice in Asia.


India like China is ideal for rice cultivation, and is the second largest rice producing country in the world. It has vast stretches of land, seasonal changes, and annual rainfall, which makes it conducive for rice cultivation. In India too rice is a staple diet. The country produces both white and brown rice, and even exports it all over the world. Tidal Imports and Exports is a major non basmati rice exporter from India to Saudi Arabia. They are also the leading suppliers of broken rice from the country.


Lush green paddy fields scattered over the large patches of land is a usual site in Indonesia. When it comes to rice cultivation Indonesia is just behind India. Over 10 million hectares of land is used for rice cultivation. The government took many initiatives to increase rice yield in the recent years. Indonesia produces high-quality varieties of rice.


A major part of Vietnam is dedicated to rice cultivation. A major region associated with its production is Mekong Delta, which is also called the “Rice Bowl” of the country. It can meet the basic caloric needs of the population. Almost 18% of the 17 million people in Vietnam are involved in rice cultivation. Rice is a major source of revenue in Vietnam.


Around 9.2 million hectares of land in Thailand is used for rice production. And in the coming years, the country is planning to expand its rice cultivation further. The rice production is expected to be more than 25million tons in 2016-2017. The high-quality Jasmine rice that is exported in the international markets at double rates is from Thailand.


This country is famous for its rice consumption and production. Bangladesh receives surplus rainfall each year and hence it is extremely suitable for the production of rice. Though it is a small country when compared to India or China, the rice yield is as high as others. Rice production accounts for 28% of the GDP of the country.


Myanmar in Burma is yet another major rice exporter in the world. This country has shown great output regarding its production despite a lack of resources and investment in the agricultural sector. According to the statistics from last year, Burma has produced 34.250 million metric tons of rice! To exploit the maximum agricultural area for production to enhance its yields the government still needs to take necessary steps.


It is one of the major rice producing countries in the world. Rice contributes majorly to the country’s economy, and it is also a staple diet. The major sites in the country where rice is produced are Luzon and the Western Vasayas.


The only South American state that is rich in rice production is Brazil. Of the total global rice production, Brazil accounts for 1.7%. Owing to a better quality use of grains and seeds this region has surpassed others regarding high-quality yield. Brazil produces 251 different varieties of rice!


Japan is most suitable for rice production. This country is unable to produce enough yields as other nations due to the shortage of farmlands. That is the reason why it is ranked 10th in the list. In 2015, Japan produced 11.573 million tons of rice.