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How will you make the most of Coconut Copra?

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What is Coconut Copra?

The dried form of coconut, popularly known as the ‘coconut copra’, is found inside of the coconut fruit. The coconut copra is made by leaving the coconut flesh to dry, basically by removing the moisture content of coconut through various methods. The coconut flesh is usually white in colour; let it dry for a few days and what you get is coconut copra, slightly brownish in colour. Copra is mainly used to extract oil, and there are several edible grade types that are commercially marketed as dry fruit.

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Types of Coconut Copra:

There are two different types of coconut copra: Milling copra and edible copra. Coconut oil is extracted out of Milling copra. Traditional method to make Milling copra, as mentioned earlier, is to leave the coconut flesh dry well under the sun. There are other artificial drying methods that manufacturers employ to dry coconut meat and make milling coconut. Some of the most common methods to extract coconut oil from copra include Wet mill, Cold press and other boiling methods.

Benefits of Coconut Copra:

Cold press method is the most common method for extracting high quality virgin coconut oil out of coconut copra. In addition, coconut butters are made from coconut copra. They are widely used as a vegan butter, served as an alternative to dairy butter and are known to contain high nutrition value.

Once coconut copras are pressed and processed for coconut oil, the leave-behinds are used as by-products for animal feeds (especially horses and cattle). Since they come with a lot of essential nutrients and high nutrition value, coconut copras are an excellent source of animal food. As they are highly economical, the coconut copra wastes are used as poultry feed to increase growth rates.

There are lot many commercial advantages of coconut copra in addition to the ones mentioned above. We will discuss the commercial benefits of coconut copra in an exclusive article as a follow-up to this post soon.