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A year of hope for Coconut product manufacturers in Pollachi

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Coconut manufacturers, suppliers and product manufacturers in Pollachi that have been heavily hit by the disastrous effects of COVID-19 or Novel Coronavirus last year are looking to re-establish themselves after the relaxation of lockdowns and trading restrictions. Transportation and logistics industry that also suffered a big blow last year tethered connectivity at various points and levels, and therefore the coconut industry got affected in various ways in the form of delayed arrivals and poor sales.

Matured coconut

Many tender coconut vendors, during the lockdown, shut shops as per the state government’s prohibitory orders. After the enforcement of the prohibitory orders, most street vendors were shooed by the police and administrative officials.  Coconut manufacturers view the fresh year 2021 as a year of hope though the second wave of lockdown following another round of the pandemic outbreak stares at them ominously. To make matters worse, the second strain of the COVID-19 has plagued export opportunities as most European countries go into a lockdown state again. Though this will have some serious repercussions in the international market, coconut product manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in Pollachi can take heart in the way the domestic market has started to shape itself this year.

Coconut product manufacturers have to be innovative this year, and the first step towards innovation is adopting digital transformation in their day-to-day operation. This can cut down costs, improve operation efficiency levels, provide seamless transformation from traditional business models to digital ones, enhance productivity and increase bottom-line.  As coconut products have greater commercial value in the marketplace, manufacturers should look out for newer ways to roll out more value-based products. This could potentially increase the demand for coconuts in the Pollachi region. To conclude, coconut manufacturers should think out of the box, more often than not, and get the most out of what this fresh year could offer.